Miami Interior Designer Man Cave
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I admit, as a woman and an interior decorator, I am a bit of an anomaly. I LOVE Man-Caves. Forget the She-Sheds. Give me some woods, leathers, a bar, some smoldering paint and a great sound system and I am in heaven! Here's what you will need to create a man-cave for the man (or that special someone) in your life...

10 essentials for the perfect man-cave

1. A Dedicated Space

    This is kinda a biggie. It's hard to give Dad a little place to call his own if it's also a little place for everyone else. It can still be done - to an extent- but give the man a room. 

2. Manly Furniture

  This is all subjective, of course, but leather couches and chairs, wood and metal cabinets and accents - all convey a masculine energy. He will feel right at home putting his manly feet up here. A vintage Chevy truck sofa wouldn't hurt either.

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3. A Kick A$$ TV

Bigger is better. It's true.  Go as large as you can afford but skip the "Smart TV" stuff. You're better off adding an Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV to your set up. Better processing power and user interface.

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4. A Kick A$$ Audio System

This is a no-brainer. Sports, superhero action movies and the occasional Saturday night screening of West Side Story (don't judge) requires not only a large screen but the audio chops to back it up.  Hsu Research is my mid-budget go to for an excellent bang for the buck speaker setup. Their subwoofers will have your man howling in delight as his action movies play out on the big screen.  For the electronic component of this equation, you can't go wrong with Outlaw Audio. Audiophile quality at an affordable price point. Nirvana!

5. It's All Fun and Games...

Pool Tables, Poker tables, dart boards, Dominoes (it's a Miami thing) air hockey and foosball. The more the merrier. It's a lot of fun to watch the big game and play a game of pool whilst sipping on your favorite manly beverage. Which brings me to....

6. Belly Up to the Bar!

Even if your guy is a teetotaller, it's nice to have a place to sit and sip on (adult) beverages with the fellas. And the storage is nice as well. If budget allows, put in a fridge. You don't want Dad running back and forth to the kitchen to grab the brewskis during commercials. Here's one for your consideration....

Miami Interior Design Man Cave .            Photo via The Chive     

   "Luke, I am your Lager!"

8. Accoutrement

You know. Stuff. All those trophies and sports jerseys. Toys and memorabilia that he loves but we really don't want in the house (well most of us). See why a dedicated space is best? Your Home Theater Doesn't Have to be Ugly

Miami Interior Design Man Cave

9. Brooding, Manly Color Scheme

What's a man-cave without the cave? Light and airy just won't cut it. Rethink the flowery wallpaper and instead, throw up some manly, black paint. He will want to hibernate in there for months. That's a good thing, right?

10. A Consultation With A Man-Cave Loving Designer

O.K. granted, this is a bit self-serving but who better to bridge the balance of designing a man-cave that's super rad and (BONUS!) isn't hideous? It's an art form to be sure. You can book Dad a gift consultation right here

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See you next week!