Well, I know we’re all a little tired of talking about how our world has been turned upside down over the last month, but it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge what’s going on right now. Yep, I’m talking about the coronavirus, nickname Rona. 

First, I want to start off by giving a special shout out to all those super awesome first responders on the front lines risking their personal safety for us! (And my favorite first responder, Natalie Grafe!) It is because of folks like these that we can rest assured everything will be okay. And it’s for them that we should all be doing our part to beat Rona, by staying home and staying well. Amirite?!

darla powell natalie grafe dpi interior design firm miami florida contemporary
Cheers to you, Natalie Grafe!

When it comes to the actual staying at home part, well, there are a lot of feels going on, the warm kind and the less-than-fuzzy kind. Maybe you feel overwhelmed, anxious, lethargic, or a little stir crazy? Maybe you’re also feeling grateful, eager to be inspired, and motivated to make something of this time?

That’s a lot of feels — and I know because I’m feeling them all too. Fortunately, spending time outdoors, exercising, meditating, binge-eating Little Debbie Cakes (you know me), sipping whiskey when the clock strikes 5:00, and spending time with my family (including pups, Koi fish, and an African Grey) have helped me stay calm in the midst of this craziness. 

What are you doing to find normalcy, control, and joy during these times? You know I’d love to hear in the comments below!

But before you run off to give me all the deets, I want to do something a little different here this month... I’m going to hand this post over to DPI’s freaking fabulous interior designer, Johanna! 

Johanna is going to share some of her best suggestions and resources for staying sane, keeping busy (designing, perhaps?), and enjoying this extra time that we all have while we #StayHome. 

So I’ll let her take it from here, I’ll be peeking in the comments for your stories, and I’ll see all of you peeps next month. Take it away, Johanna!!

— Darla

Hey Everyone!

As Darla mentioned, my name is Johanna Murat and I am an interior designer on the DPI team. I am honored that Darla asked me to share some of my favorite resources with all of you during this unprecedented pause that we’re experiencing. 

I am about to share a lot of information, so feel free to bookmark this post and come back to it anytime you are feeling the need for creativity, calm, or some direction over the coming days and weeks. I hope these resources help inspire you and bring joy into your everyday life and home! 

Let’s go!

1. Mood-Boosting Resources

As far as I am concerned, mindset is a game changer and the most important factor in turning this difficult situation into an unexpected gift. 

No, you don’t have to see it that way every moment of every day, because we are all grieving losses in different ways (heck, I’m supposed to have my wedding in a couple months!)… but finding joy and gratitude in your daily life will help you weather this storm much better than dwelling in the sadness and hardship.

What has helped me most has been starting a gratitude journal, and I can’t recommend it enough. PositivePsychology.com said in a recent post, “A gratitude journal is, quite simply, a tool to keep track of the good things in life. No matter how difficult and defeating life can sometimes feel, there is always something to feel grateful for.”

woman writing in gratitude journal resources stay positive at home during coronavirus

Whether your version of this routine is a brief 5-minute pause in your work day, or a full hour of meditation during a hot bath in the evening, I encourage you to make the time and give it a try. 

Wondering how to get started? I love this affordable gratitude journal and guide available right now on Amazon.


2. Wellness & Fitness Resources

I know, I know… working out isn’t always our first choice, and frankly, lots of times we don’t make it our first priority (or second, third, fourth…) either. But personally I have found that getting my heart rate up every day is more important now than ever.

Not only do I feel stronger and healthier (to take on the day), but those awesome endorphins offer a boost of positivity and happiness. 

Even though gyms are closed right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great workout in right at home. On our sunny days, not much can beat a long walk in some fresh air. But on rainy days (or those really humid ones), when you just need to switch it up a little bit, there are lots of great at-home workout resources available to us. 

woman doing yoga meditation teal mat black shirt miami fl

Here are 6 of my favorites right now:

  1. Brickell City Centre on Instagram (Located in Miami - offering weekly online yoga classes, ab exercise videos, virtual dance parties, and more)

  1. Brickell Hot Yoga on Instagram (Located in Miami - offering daily online yoga classes at 10am EST)

  1. Coach Krystal Nielson on Instagram (offering regular live online workout sessions and other exercise content)

  1. Chelsea Rose Health on Instagram (offering regular live online workout sessions and other exercise content)

  1. Whitney Simmons on Instagram (offering regular live online workout sessions and other exercise content)

  1. Sarah’s Day on Instagram (offering regular live online workout sessions and other exercise content)

3. Podcasts to Love & Inspire

There are times when I enjoy peace and quiet, but with all of this extra time at home, I find that I crave something good to listen to while I am cooking, cleaning, exercising, walking, etc. 

Rumor has it that some of you haven’t hopped on the podcast train yet, and let me tell you, you are missing out big time! Whether you are looking for something educational (about any topic under the sun), hoping to be transported to another world with a captivating story, or simply looking for some fun light-hearted comedy to pass the time, you can find a podcast to suit any mood.

cappuccino spoon iphone headphones music soothing relax home coronavirus ideas

Here are the top 6 on my playlist right now:

1. The Tim Ferriss Show - A Business/Interview Podcast

Tim Ferriss says, “Each episode, I deconstruct world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, sports, business, art, etc.) to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use. This includes favorite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, and much more.”

2. My Favorite Murder - A True Crime Comedy Podcast

This one is Darla’s favorite… do I need to say more? Check it out!

3. Becoming Wise - A Conversational Wisdom Podcast

Krista Tippett, the show host, says, “Depth and discovery in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. Each episode is curated from hundreds of my big conversations with wise and graceful lives. Reset your day. Replenish your sense of yourself and the world.”

4. Unlocking Us - A Podcast Exploring Humanity

Brené Brown, the show host, says, “Join me as I unpack and explore the ideas, stories, experiences, books, films, and music that reflect the universal experiences of being human, from the bravest moments to the most brokenhearted.”

5. Shagged, Married, Annoyed! - A Relationship Podcast

Chris and Rosie Ramsey, the show hosts, say, “The only way we can have a conversation without being interrupted by a toddler or ending up staring at our phones is by doing a podcast. We’ll be chatting all about life, relationships, arguments, annoyances, parenting, growing, up and everything in between.”

6. Wingnut Social - A Marketing Podcast hosted by Darla herself!

Listen along to this interior design and business marketing podcast for tips on growing your business, staying up on the times, and (in true Darla fashion) get a good laugh!


4. Creative Ideas

I love getting my creative juices flowing, but I don’t always feel like hauling out all of my art supplies or working on  design projects during weekends or free time. (Though I am definitely guilty of that sometimes!) 

My sister recently downloaded the Procreate app for her iPad and recommended it to me right away. It is a professional quality art studio that allows you to paint, sketch, draw, etc. from the couch in your pajamas, all with your finger or stylus. If you are the artsy type, like me, you will really enjoy all that this app has to offer!

person using procreate on ipad drawing creative outlet during covid-19 miami fl

Or if you are more interested in hanging out with friends and playing games to pass the time, but find yourself isolated, check out the House Party App. It is a face-to-face social network that makes video chatting a breeze from anywhere in the world. It lets you play games together (awesome, right?), and re-establishes that sense of community we are all missing at the moment. 


5. Interior Design Resources


Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk interior design. After all, that is what I know best.  It is true that we are all spending exponentially more time in our homes now than ever before… which probably means you are becoming keenly aware of what you might love about your home and what is most frustrating on a daily basis. 

For example, maybe you are cooking a lot more and realizing your kitchen just isn’t living up to its potential. (DPI has hundreds of ideas for kitchen design inspiration.)

Maybe you are simply realizing that the amount of dust and clutter in your space is somewhat suffocating. (Let us help you put those closets to better use and declutter your home.)

Or maybe you find yourself working from home and realize that your “home office” is really just a glorified storage closet that stifles all creativity. (DPI can help here too, with gorgeous ideas for home offices or a virtual consultation.)

interior design inspiration home office wfh miami fl studio dpi

Check out this DPI stunner!


Whatever state you find yourself and your home in right now, I (and the rest of the team at DPI) would love to help! 

We are operating virtually and taking consultations online at this time. Whether you are in need of an interior design therapy session (yes, we really offer that!), an interior design consultation, or even luxury full-service design, we have you covered. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you tackle that next big (or small) home project. 

So, what are you waiting for?! Now is the perfect time to scroll Pinterest for inspiration and get your project started. ;)

Until next time, thanks for letting me be a guest here on the blog. I hope you all stay well, keep safe, and take good care of all aspects of YOU!