Photo Via Studio McGee

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So yes, you can mix metals but there are some guidelines to abide by to make it work starting with... 


 Once you have chosen your dominant finish, then you can use other finishes as back up dancers to your spotlight performer. 

Photo via Sally Wheat Interiors

Pro Tip: Black goes with all the things!

2. Keep similar metals on the same plane

Photo via Kelly Wearstler (swoon)

In the above pic,  designer Kelly Wearstler has utilized both gold and silver but you can see that the silver elements are mostly in their own plane and it totally works...totally.

Photo via Jonathan Adler

As well here, in this dining room by Jonathan Adler, you can see the chrome in the chairs and the golds in the frame and chandelier blend together beautifully using the plane tip.

3. Create a Balance 

If you're going to mix your metals (and now you are) spread your superstar finish throughout the room to create a balanced, pleasing look.

Photo Via Jonathan Adler

4. Contrast Cool and Warm Metals

In Interior Design, contrast is King and nothing makes your mix up more purposeful than contrasting your warm and cool metals together.

Photo via Urban Grace Interiors

5. Don't overdo it

Stick to a max of three separate finishes. Too much of good thing is just...well too much. In fact, here is a famous quote:

 "Too much of a good thing is nothing at all." - Darla Powell

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