Well, we’ve officially made it to the beginning of a brand new decade. I have just one question though…

Where are the flying cars?!? I was certain we’d have those by now. And hoverboards. And at least a city or two that looked like it came out of Star Wars. Total bummer, amirite? ;)

Just kidding. While it’s true that I did think we’d have flying cars, I am already obsessed with 2020. It feels full of promise, big dreams, and it’s only just getting started. We have projects underway, lives to impact, and goals to crush! 

Included in those goals is to use this blog to keep giving you solid advice (you know I love to hook my people up), killer inspiration, and ways to make your own home extraordinary. Without further ado, let’s dive in! 

Talking 'Bout Kitchen Design Goals

Since we’re coming off the holidays — where the kitchen is usually the star of any holiday event — we’re using January to talk about #kitchengoals.

What are your kitchen goals? Do you want one that feels classy and cozy? One that helps you entertain a crowd and gives you some much-needed R&R? Or heck, how about one that raises your home’s value, just because we can? 

You better believe I’ve got both hands up and I’m waving them around! If yours are up too, keep reading for the 7 things you’ll need to consider to design a kitchen…

darla powell interiors miami kitchen design blue island pendants contemporary

1. Two Eyes on Your Budget

I know budgets sound like a snooze, but lawdy are they important — you can’t have a home renovation or design project without one! 

And no, that doesn’t mean deciding on the “magic number” that you’d like to invest. It means transforming your desired investment into a line-by-line budget strategy. If you’re working with a designer, this is something they’ll help you with.

THEN, when it comes to hiring pros to do the work (if you’re managing the project yourself), I also suggest getting multiple quotes in advance. And don’t be shy about asking to see their work either. Even better if it’s in person. You can also get recommendations from others who have used them. 

Of course, if you work with us, we’ve already got some super awesome folks on our extended team and can provide you the quotes ourselves.

darla powell interiors contemporary kitchen design firm miami team

2. Design for Your Desired Function

To design a kitchen that totally hooks you up, you have to first understand how you’ll use the space. Here are some good questions to ask yourself in advance:

  • What are your current pain points in the kitchen? Do you need more storage, seating or counter space? Are there constant traffic jams around stove? Etc.

  • How will the space be used? Single person or large family?

  • Do you like to entertain? What size are the groups? Children or adults? 

Once you have the answers to these questions or you’ve shared them with your design professional, creating a design concept that meets these needs will be a cake walk. (Cake walks were the BEST.)

darla powell interior design firm miami kitchen transformation wine cabinet center island

Desired function… wine and wine. ;)

3. Consideration of Your ROI

The kitchen has been consistently called the “money room” of the home — not because it soaks money up, but because investing in a kitchen (wisely, of course) often increases property value and gives you great returns down the road. 

In other words, pay attention to ROI and it could be your new best bud.

Our advice for staying on the path to smart investing is to choose updated but timeless selections. Selections that are too new or trendy — avoid them like the plague! Creating a highly functional layout will also help to optimize your ROI.

Smart home investing is another avenue where having a designer on your team is an asset. We know which styles will last, which are save vs. splurge items, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

darla powell interior design firm kitchen stone counter blue island backsplash smart investments

Counters? Splurge.

4. Knowledge of the Materials You’ll Need

Depending on the scope of your design and renovation, you may need new flooring, countertops, appliances, plumbing, cabinets, etc.

Some of our favorite materials for a kitchen include solid wood or high quality MDF for cabinets, granite or quartz for countertops, updated, multi-functional appliances that work like a boss and save on space. We’ll hook you up with whatever you want and need!

5. Attention to Your Home’s Existing Style

Your new kitchen style and design should reflect the whole house’s style. This includes the home’s architecture, existing furnishings, color palette, and overall aesthetic. 

For example, if you have a predominantly traditional home and you add an all-modern kitchen, it will really stand out – and not in a good way! Instead, we need to bridge the two styles to create a modern yet harmonious design. Again, this is where professional help makes a big difference!

contemporary spanish inspired style kitchen design herringbone tiles backsplash wood shelves

Existing Spanish-style tile meant we needed to incorporate warm tones with cool in this kitchen. We also continued the motif with the hand-painted tile backsplash.

6. Goals for Your Aesthetic

Now is the time to gather ideas for what your dream kitchen will look like. Search online and in magazines, create Pinterest boards and vision boards, visit showrooms to see layouts and ideas for kitchen features. 

It’s important to do extensive research before you even start. That way you’ll know what’s out there and little gremlin of regret won’t visit you later. The good news? This is probs the MOST FUN part. 

7. Details and Oodles of Patience

Even though I’ve arranged this blog into a list, there’s no wrong or right order here. ALL of these 7 things are interconnected and have to be considered before launching a project. 

The other important ingredient is patience. You might be itching to get that kitchen built right this second, but trust me... it’s better to do it right the first time, or wait until you have the means to hire a professional to do it right for you.

To get your kitchen wrapped up by 2020 holidays, just be sure to start your project no later than this spring.

darla powell interiors design firm miami contemporary kitchens project management

Okay, I think that is officially everything you need to know about kitchen design. If you need support in realizing those GORGE kitchen dreams, there are a number of ways we’d love to help:

  • Have any questions? Ask us in the comments. 

  • Ready to start budgeting? Download our furnishings guide below.

  • Want to launch a professional design project? Our door is wide open! Come talk to us, my friend.

Until then, good luck with your New Year’s resolutions (mine might have something to do with Little Debbies…) and stay awesome in 2020!