If you have a renovation or remodel and don’t have the time (or don’t want to) lift a finger, then this option is going to make you giddy. It is both our job and our privilege to take projects (just like yours) and make them both manageable and downright fun.

How do we make real magic happen? 12 simple steps, from concept to completion. Okay, simple steps for you, highly detailed steps for us — but that’s why we love it! 

So sit back, relax, and let me regale you with the tale of your future home...

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1. Initial Consultation

We begin the process with an initial consultation and on-site visit. This is a 30-minute (ish) meeting to see the space and make 100% sure that we are a good fit for your project. (Probs best to determine early on if we like each other, dontcha think?)

During this initial chit-chat, we will briefly talk about your project goals, budget, and timeline. One nugget of wisdom I can give prior to a consultation is to know your goals, come with a budget, have an open mind, and be honest. For example...

  • Which spaces are included? 

  • Are we talking about maintaining the existing floor plan or ditching it for a new concept altogether?

  • Are we moving walls? Installing new floors? 

  • What about those countertops, you know, if you’re no longer digging that outdated vibe?

This blog post on preparing for your design consultation will help you get ready.

2. Measurements & Interview

Once we’ve decided to move full steam ahead, we’ll conduct an in-depth interview to nail down the scope of the project and discuss your lifestyle… what you need, what you want, and what you would simply go gaga over.

We’ll review the spaces involved and brainstorm solutions to any particular design dilemmas. We’ll also get a sense of your design style. (Do you LURVE drama and contrast, or are you the super chill type? Let’s find out!)

Determining the scope of the project and taking measurements of the space will give us a foundation for the next steps in the process. If you need some inspiration as you dream up your ideal space, check out my last post about relaxing in-home retreats!

miami interior design furnishings floorplan living dining room dpi

3. Estimates

Once the plan is starting to come together, we will bring in tradespeople to give us estimates and quotes on the scope of the work. This will give us an idea of what will fit into the budget, whether we need to prioritize, or (lucky you!) if we have some extra room to get you the most dream-worthy items on your list.

4. Budgeting

Remember back when we talked about the who, what, and how of design budgets? I know, I know… it was the post that burst the bubble on HGTV realness (or lack thereof). I peeled back the curtain and revealed that those timelines and budgets are more than a little outrageous. 

But work with me here — just because budgeting requires a reality check doesn’t mean it can’t be an exciting time in the process. We get to talk numbers, all while geeking out about your future home. And once we have the budget reviewed and approved, my team and I get to start designing a space that you will totally dig. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the budgeting process, download my free guide to budgeting your home furnishings, at the bottom of this page!

5. Design

At long last, we get to dive into the creative challenge that is designing the PERFECT space for you. Whether you are looking for a clean, modern look with a comfortable, lived-in feel or even a space with a dash of drama and a pinch of sexy… design genius ensues. 

We will start by creating mood and inspiration boards to give you a feel for the potential in your home and make sure our vision is aligned with yours.

darla powell interiors contemporary cool mood board whites greys natural wood

interior design inspiration living room neutral calm soothing consoles tables chairs

From our Contemporary Home Remodel in Coral Gables, FL

6. Presentations & Approval

We will bring these boards to you during our design concept presentation… which we hope is greeted with oohs and ahhhs and all the heart eyes (just try not to faint with happiness).

From here, you will either approve our presentation (boom, nailed it!) and we can move into step seven, or we can make revisions and happily repeat this step again until our design steals your heart. 

7. Scheduling & Ordering

The building process begins by scheduling the trades, as well as ordering the furnishings, lighting, and accessories. All those finishes that you became officially obsessed with while cruising the ‘Gram? Well, they are about to make an appearance in YOUR unique home! Whodathunkit?! 

8. Building

I could go on and on with the technical details of a renovation, but, come on peeps, you don’t want to read all of that rambling. That’s why you’re hiring us to manage it for you. So I will sum up the building process like this: “Pardon our dust. Magic is happening.” ;)

installing stone fireplace contemporary tv home remodel miami fl
Gettin’ it done!

9. Installations

Once the remodel is nearing completion, we arrive at Install Day! Remember all those beautiful things you approved? Today is when the DPI team swarms in like locusts and makes the vision come to life. Yes, you’ll know what’s coming, but our goal is to shock you with the gorgeousness that is your home. 

As we finish up, we anticipate the most thrilling day of the whole process… Are you ready?

10. Your Home Reveal

This is the day you’ve been fantasizing about while sitting by the pool sipping cocktails. Remember, it’s our job to make the magic happen and your job to live your best life while we do it. Hello, luxury full-service design! 

So, imagine us all together outside your home, ready to walk into your completely transformed space for the first time. Your heart is pounding, you’re giddy with excitement. Is this real life? Pinch yourself. It’s real. Now step inside…

 …it’s the BIG REVEAL! The  moment when you walk into your space and can’t believe all of your dreams came true. You’ve discovered a place to live in, entertain in, and find sanctuary day after day. It is completely cozy and a total reflection of you! 

This is YOUR home… for real. 

fresh bright breezy contemporary home renovation miami coral gables white green gray
From our Miami Shores Makeover

11. Final Walkthrough

Of course, even if you’re officially obsessed with the space, we will take you on a final walkthrough to create a punch list of any items that need to be addressed. I know, I know, you’ve had all those gut feelings of glee, and you probably won’t notice anything out of place, like a lamp shade in the wrong color. But we’ll still inspect every little detail, fix any errors, and make 100% sure the space is complete and up to standard before calling your project a wrap. 


12. Photoshoot

So. Every little detail has been triple checked. The space is almost yours to enjoy.... But first — it is time to take GAWGEOUS pictures!

Photoshoot day is like Christmas. What? You haven’t heard?! It is one big party full of celebration and champagne. Lots and lots of champagne (or whiskey if that's your thing). No matter your drink of choice, this is one freaking fabulous day where we celebrate the hard work, your space’s transformation, and immortalize it all with a few well-chosen snapshots. ;) 

campo sano coral gables contemporary home remodel white sofa yin yang tables fiddle fig tree
From our Contemporary Home Remodel in Coral Gables, FL

Alright, so I know you are giddy about this process (us, too!) but you probably want to be responsible and take a look at your budget before booking an initial consultation, right? Great idea! 

You can download our free guide to Budgeting Your Home Furnishings at the bottom of the page. It'll demystify budgeting, share three tiers of expert estimates, and help you get to the fun stuff faster. Run don’t walk, and go get it!

Darla and the DPI Team