Darla-Powell-Interiors_Miami-FL_Before-and-After-Daring-and-Dramatic-Kitchen-Reno_Contemporary-Kitchen_Blog-PostThe kitchen reno that was in the works - equal parts daring, fresh, and of course, insanely functional

But before we dive into all the gorgeous deets, let’s recap, shall we?! 


The More-than-Deserving Clients

Our clients, an on-the-go couple (who both work in law enforcement, by the way...talk about stressful!) approached us with a kitchen that just wasn’t working. It was outdated, undersized, and laid out all wrong. 

Simply stated… they were fed up! And anything that required the kitchen (which, let’s face it, is just about everything when you're human…) was a chore. Their daily lives became an exercise in who could come up with the most creative excuse not to cook. 

Let's get these folks a kitchen they can use, amirite??


Simple & Straightforward Goals

Unlike goal-setting for some of our other projects, this part of our recent kitchen reno was actually pretty effortless. Our police officer and dispatcher duo, a naturally no-BS couple, knew what they wanted and honestly, made our jobs easy! On the to-do list…

  • Update the kitchen aesthetic to the current decade
  • Rework the layout to improve the flow for this busy family
  • Design a space that brings the joy and excitement back into cooking
  • And our own additional DPI goal?! Create a kitchen that gives this deserving couple an ahhh moment of relief every time they walk through their door after a stress-filled workday.


The Inspired Design Process

After deciding to keep the client’s stone tile flooring (which lent a warm undertone to the whole space), and of course in keeping with the couple's love for the outdoors, we opted for a design inspired by nature...think snow-capped mountains, jaw-dropping contrast, and a deep breath of fresh air. You can almost smell that crisp, cool air, can’t you?! I know I can...

Due to the floor plan of the home, we were limited in the number of layout changes we could make...but you know we found a creative solution! (Plus, it is pretty darn amazing how spacious a room can feel when you raise the roof, or ceiling...literally...but more on that later…)

Finally, we wanted to dial up the drama in the kitchen by choosing finishes that contrast in surprising and beautiful ways...similar to the dynamic and unexpected patterns found in nature. Pairing wood with metal and glass with stone, we knew the combination of organic elements in a contemporary space would most certainly create a swoon-worthy vibe for this custom kitchen.


The Freaking Fabulous Reveal

If you were cruisin’ the gram, wouldn’t this kitchen stop you in your tracks? Here is the final result in all of its mountain-landscape-inspired splendor...


For a fresh take on a classic design, we opted for the tuxedo kitchen look with modern, custom Shaker style cabinets...dark on the bottom - helping the room feel grounded, and light on top - making the ceilings feel sky high.

The black and white cabinetry coupled with the natural warmth of the stone tile flooring creates a luxurious intentional dissonance...organic, serene, and yet incredibly up-to-date. 

Notice the sleek minimal exhaust over the stove? Or maybe you didn’t...and if that’s the case, we consider it a win! Sometimes a vent hood can be a wonderful adornment, but in this case, we didn’t want to overshadow the brilliance of the backsplash, so we decided to hide the exhaust in plain sight. Genius!!!

Oh, and speaking of those ceilings, we did raise them, eliminating the soffits and adding can lighting to give greater headspace in the kitchen, making it feel light and airy. 


The stainless steel appliances pair beautifully with the antique bronze fixtures. The sheen of the metallic accents contrasts stunningly with the matte finish of the cabinetry, and the clean lines of every element work together in gorgeous contemporary harmony. All the heart eyes...

Darla-Powell-Interiors_Miami-FL_Before-and-After-Daring-and-Dramatic-Kitchen-Reno_Contemporary-Kitchen_Upper-Cabinets Darla-Powell-Interiors_Miami-FL_Before-and-After-Daring-and-Dramatic-Kitchen-Reno_Contemporary-Kitchen_Lower-Cabinets

One way to really marry dark and light upper/lower cabinet combos is to use cohesive hardware throughout. These low-profile, yet highly-visible metallic pulls are the perfect blend of sophistication and style. Adding to the contemporary aesthetic of the space, it really is the little details that make the biggest impact! Amirite?!
Remember that tiny kitchen table stuffed into the corner of the kitchen? (If you need a refresher, check out our pre-reveal blog post about this space.

Anyway, we transformed that dark corner into a chic new coffee bar that adds much-needed storage, and elevates the space for our hard-working couple. (Oh, and in case you’re wondering, this coffee nook can ABSOLUTELY double as a wine or cocktail bar...be still my heart!)


From the beautiful quartz countertops to the custom natural stone backsplash tile, there is something so clean and inviting about the blank slate this palette provides. It’s soothing and uncomplicated, yet elevated and luxe. A gorgeous backdrop that both steals the show and allows all of the other incredible design elements to shine. Who dreamed up this amazing space? Oh that’s right, we did… ;) 


Finally, we added some understated accent lighting that plays well with our ceiling-high backsplash. Not only are those Edison bulbs so totally GORGE, but the glass globe, metal hanger, and natural stone tile are the epitome of unified contrast. The attention to detail in this (and every other one of our designs) is what takes it from a simple “wow” to out of this world!


The Ending Filled with Gut Feelings of Glee

Cheers to the fact that in the midst of a pandemic, and despite the “real” scare of murder hornets, we still managed to pull off this stunning transformation...and a second round of glass-clinking because our clients couldn’t be happier. We took their dated kitchen and made it dramatic, daring, and perfectly suited for their family. 

No longer will they be cooking up creative excuses to flee the kitchen (pun intended)...now they are going to LURVE to spend a weeknight in, crafting new recipes in their space that brings the joy back into their every day. 

If it has been a hot minute since you gave your home some love, and you’re feeling inspired by this ah-mazing kitchen makeover, give us a call! We’d love to chat and help you make your home a place you’re excited to live again.


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