One With Nature Living Room
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A little secret about me, (not so secret) I am a gardener at heart. Oh, not the kind of garden that puts actual food on the table. I suck at that. In fact, when the zombie apocalypse happens, I will starve. I have made my peace with it. No. I mean stuff like plants and flowers and more plants and trees etc. Whenever I am feeling down or less than, I just go out and putter in my gardens or my pond and I feel better. 

Science has actually proven (supportive nerdy science link) that proximity to plants and natural things can lift your mood, impact your health and help provide a sense of general well-being. 

My Koi Pond designed by Lisa Canon and Jose Rock, Miami, Fl 

Now, the easy answer is just to bring in a couple plants. Yes. And not only are indoor plants all the rage, they also improve the air quality in your home. I do love that solution and I employ it quite often. But the nature thing for me goes beyond simple house plants. 

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My personal design aesthetic is what I like to call an "earthy elegance." As much as I love a contemporary or modern look, I find that without organic, natural materials in the mix, the look can come off sterile. Natural materials, like stone, woods, earthy linens, and even metals (Hey! metal is nature. look it up!) can give life and soul to a space. 

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Even your wall art can be alive!

Photo Credit: Isaac Farms

So just keep that in mind the next time you're redecorating. Take a good look at your space. Is it lacking warmth or character? Missing something vital? It might be time to drag in that Fiddle Leaf Fig and place it by the window. Or maybe that hand carved wood box would look perfect on that glass top coffee table. 

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See you next week!