"buy the best and only cry once"  miles redd

This quote has been attributed to interior designer Miles Redd but the saying has been bandied about since the 1920’s. It means don’t buy cheap. And by cheap, I don’t mean inexpensive or affordable. I mean cheap. Like the kind of cheap that falls apart and you end up replacing it with what you should have bought in the first place.

Urban Dictionary Definition

As an interior designer, I sometimes get pushback on purchasing more quality pieces over their less expensive, not as well made, knock-off counterparts. "But Fred's Sofa Hut has that exact same 9 piece sectional for $99! " (Ugh!) That’s when I whip out the quote. Yeah, paying a little more for something hurts. We will grit our teeth and cry a little but in the long run, we end up saving money because we didn’t buy badly made things for instant gratification. With a little research and some savvy shopping, you don’t have to break the bank (or the sofa) to buy quality either.

Have you ever settled for something you didn’t really want and then down the road kicked yourself for not buying the better thing you really wanted in the first place? Then did you actually end up buying the better thing? You can probably see how just going for the better option in the first place would have saved you money. If you didn’t, then you just stayed unhappy with what you settled for and that’s another cost altogether.

 Now, don't get me wrong. I am not saying that there isn't some seriously overpriced stuff out there. Take, for example, Pottery Barn's super uber expensive pool table. Pottery-Barn-Pool-Table

Pottery Barn Pool Table

It's discontinued now but about 18 months ago when I was looking for pool tables it was about 6k. Now, I wasn't about to spend that but I also didn't want a piece of junk pool table. So I was patient. I looked for used. I waited for sales. And finally, I found the exact same table for half the price. Still 3k plus. Not cheap. "Affordable". Quality. I cried a little but I love my pool table and I know it won't fall apart on me. That is how patience and an understanding of inexpensive and affordable over cheap can get you what you want so you can be happier and save money in the long run. 


My Half Price Pool Table

I do know that are also some relatively well-made, decent quality knock offs of higher end pieces. But even the quality ones probably still aren't "cheap."  Still, they are out there if you look for them. 

If you have a little patience, save up and pick what you really, really want, your bank account will thank you.  I promise you will only cry once.

Have you settled for the cheap stuff when you should have just invested in quality? Share your story with us below.