Be honest. Does this image dredge up fond memories for you?

If you answered YES, click the Back button pronto. (Actually, check out my blog post on a Miami 80’s bathroom makeover instead.)

On the other hand…. if you’ve ever found yourself in the enviable position of having to strip stubborn, ugly wallpaper — the steaming… the spraying… the soaking… the scoring… the scraping — you’ve probably vowed to never hang wallpaper again.

Well. Good news. As you know, wallpaper is back, and it’s bigger and better than ever. Better meaning: removable, repositionable, reusable. Just peel and stick. Why didn’t they come up with this sooner?

It’s especially awesome for rental units, dorm rooms, kids’ bedrooms, and anyone-who-gets-bored-easily… because you can slap it up, rip it down, and swap it out in the blink of an eye. Want to go trendy with your interior design? This is your fully-refundable ticket!

Here are 5 fun ways to run with it.

1. Pack-a-punch accent walls

All I can say is if I get invited to this house for a dinner party, I better get seated facing that wall. Yowsa!!! It’s not a huge amount of wallpaper (or budget), but it sure grabs your attention, doesn’t it?

Photo credit: Opal & Jay Photography

Wallpaper: Starburst Tile in Teal by Chasing Paper

 How about this hallway? Wouldn’t hauling laundry up and down these stairs be a little happier journey day in and day out?

Photo credit:

Wallpaper: Deux Bois Removable Wallpaper — Gray

 Try to imagine this mostly-white guest bath without the nature-inspired wallpaper. It wouldn’t be nearly as captivating, would it? I love how the natural wood shelving, cedar bath mat, and potted plants stay on theme.

Photo credit:

Wallpaper: Spring Leaves by Chasing Paper

2. Spice up smaller spaces

Think about some of the smaller spaces in your house. Bookcases. Closets. Pantries. Laundry rooms. Mudrooms. Entryways. Wet bars. Even backsplashes. Dial up the energy in these cozier spaces with a little wallpaper. Inject color, texture, and personality. BAM!

Photo credit: Bob Greenspan Photography for 

Wallpaper: Porto Tile by Chasing Paper

Photo credit:

Wallpaper: Modern Damask in Green by Chasing Paper

Photo credit:

Wallpaper: Sunburst by Chasing Paper

Photo credit: wallshoppe

Wallpaper: Y Not Removable Wallpaper in Pushpop by wallshoppe 

Photo credit: Natalie Hurst Interiors

Wallpaper: The Palms in White by WallsNeedLove)

Photo credit: Kelsey Bang blog

Wallpaper: Bract Removable Wallpaper by WallsNeedLove

Photo credit:

Wallpaper: Farmhouse Tile by Chasing Paper 

3. Crank out some crazy stripes. Easy Peasy.

Stripes bring a special energy to a room. However… painting stripes, even thinking about painting stripes, especially for those of us who lean toward the, er… OCD-side of life, can bring on full-blown panic attacks.

Peel and stick is the way to go. Got a rogue stripe trying to veer off course? Just pull it up and get that sucker back in line.

Photo credit:

Wallpaper: Easy Stripe Peel and Stick by WallsNeedLove

Photo credit:

Wallpaper: Chevrons Wall Decals by WallsNeedLove


4. Look to the stars!

Don’t overlook the 5th wall in every room, people: the CEILING! I love how they put this eye-catching geometric pattern up high in this nursery, catering to itty-bitty occupants who spend a LOT of time on their backs.

Photo credit: Crystal Sinclair Designs

Wallpaper: Tri-Angled by Chasing Paper

Source: Wilmette Historical Home

Photo credit: Josh Thornton

Wallpaper: no clue (may not even be removable but it’s cool inspo!)


5. Look down too.

Like ceilings, stairs aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about making a statement, but hey, why not?! Add some whimsy if it makes you smile, especially in high-traffic areas where you’ll reap maximum enjoyment.


Photo credit: Max Kim-Bee


Alrighty, soooo now that you’ve (hopefully) been bitten by the removable wallpaper bug… get out there and have some fun.

Be sure to share your favorites with us, and where you’re peeling and sticking them. (Photos please!) We can’t wait to be inspired.

Of course, if the thought of hanging wallpaper of any kind is still giving you hives, give us a shout and we’d be more than happy to help you figure out where wallpaper might make an impact in your home.

Thanks for reading!

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