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Remember way back when we published our How to Prepare for Your Best Design Consultation blog post? Okay, you got me. It wasn’t that long ago.

Tip #2 mentions coming with a ballpark budget for your project. Today, I’m going to share how we help you take that cozy number and turn it into a realistic, actionable budget for your home goals. 

But first things first, let’s talk about the elephant in the room… HGTV. 

You’ll need to account for more than just gorgeousness in your home.

What Does a Realistic Interior Design Budget Look Like?

So. HGTV. Fun to watch? Totes. Accurate about timeline, scope, and budget? No, no, and hail no. 

If you’re an HGTV regular, your first course of action — before you even start thinking about your budget — is to come back on down to planet Earth. Do a little research into the products, finishes, and furniture to get a feel for realistic prices.

I know it’s scary and real down here, but hey, we’ve got Little Debbie cakes. Everything’s gonna be okay.

You can also get an example of mid-low to high-end furnishing budgets in our How Much Should You Budget to Furnish Your Home guide. (Sign up at the bottom of this page.) Sure, furnishings aren’t the whole enchilada, but it’s a place to start and we’ll help you with the rest.

Speaking of this tasty enchilada…

You’ll need to account for more than just gorgeousness in your home.

What Do Most People Forget to Include in their Design Budgets?

This is usually info we dish during that 90-minute design therapy session I mentioned, but since you’re here and you’re my peeps, I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes…

Most people forget about...

  • Plumbing rough

  • Permits and plans

  • Shipping mishaps and delays

  • Material costs (and remember, many come in fixed quantities, like thinset or nails)

  • Unknown variables that may pop up (bodies in the walls?)

Now, if your brain suddenly thought “wait, I have to manage all that stuff?!” be at ease, my young Padawan... 

It gives us all the feels to make your life easier, and that includes overseeing those darned permits, planning, and solving all mishaps and variables. Meanwhile, you get to keep living your fabulous life, and you won’t even see the bodies… unless you really want to. ;)

We got you, kid.

Remember that Quality Counts in the Long Run

The last topic worth getting your hands on before we meet face-to-face is the concept of value. 

We all know that cheap materials won’t weather the storms of life. When the cost of replacing these items over time is more than you’d have paid investing in quality products, that’s no bueno. 

Of course, we’ve been around the block a few times and have got this value thing nailed. We know which investments raise property value, which are smart in the long run, and we’ll help maximize your moolah where it counts. 

Built-in rack for vino? Always a good idea in my book.

So, How Do We Help You Refine Your Budget?

Now that you have all this info, we’re ready to rub our hands together and get started. We’ll ask you for your magic number, the one that makes you feel cozy yet giddy with adventure. Then we’ll deep-dive into what you envision for your home:

  • What do you need from your spaces? 

  • How do you want to feel in them? 

  • What do you want them to look like? 

  • Do you have any materials or furnishings in mind already? 

You know, the good stuff.

Then, we compare the two — your comfortable investment and your goals. We can tell you pretty quickly if the two will play nicely in the sandbox. If not, we’ll suggest some places to scale your project back and make the most of the Benjamins you’ve got. 

Before you know it — boom! —  we’ve nailed down your budget and design plan. Just. Like. That.

You ready to geek out about your future home with us? Then run, don’t walk, and schedule your design consultation! We can’t wait to meet you.


Psst! Don't forget to download our "How Much Should You Budget to Furnish Your Home?" guide below.