Time to breathe a sigh of relief and rejoice that we FINALLY have something to look forward to. In the spirit of a well-deserved holiday season, I assembled part of Team DPI to bring you some of our favorite holiday picks...


...the fabulously talented Rex, our Creative Director...


...the always brilliant Elise, our Junior Interior Designer...


...and yours truly!

Together, we came up with one heck of a list for all of those special people in your life. And maybe even something for you to treat yourself as well... no judgment here.

From fresh takes on the essentials to completely frivolous finds, we have ideas for every taste in this year’s DPI gift guide. Let’s get shopping…

Also, please note:  Some of these links are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This keeps me and my team in Debbie cakes...

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For the Dude with a Sense of Humor


The Squatch Bundle

Who Picked It: Yours Truly

Let’s be honest...soap as a gift? Not so fun, right? Wrong! This isn’t your ordinary bar of soap. This is all-natural, no-B.S., hilariously named and marketed soap for dudes. Seriously...scroll halfway down and read the reviews. You’ll be roaring!

Made in America, these soaps, complete with scents like Pine Tar, Grapefruit IPA, Cold Brew Cleanse, and more, are sure to be a hit with any dude-at-heart this holiday season. 


For the Sports Superfan 


The Token Sports Bottle Opener

Who Picked It: Rex, our Creative Director

What better way for your special someone to enjoy the adult beverage of their choice (and watch the big game) than with these registered bottle openers made from equipment used by their favorite team...amirite?!

If the special person on your list is a hoops fan, grab a bottle opener made from the floorboards of their favorite court. Got a football junkie on your hands? No problem! How about an opener made from their team’s goal post? The list goes on…

Oh, and yes, Marlins fans...there are game day ball bottle openers as well. Yes, please.


For the Wine-Lover



The Rewined Signature Candle Collection

Who Picked It: Rex, our Creative Director

And while we’re on the topic of opening bottles...

Housed in a repurposed wine bottle, these soy candles are both scent-sational as well as environmentally friendly. And they come in the fragrance of nearly any wine (or cocktail) you could think of. 

These would be the perfect non-traditional gift for any wine lover in your world or a sure-fire way to elicit some gut feelings of glee from any candle collector! And you can rest assured, these candles will last longer than that bottle you got them last year... ;)


For the Crazy Plant Lady



The Potted Calathea Pinstripe

Who Picked It: Elise, our Junior Interior Designer

To plant lovers, receiving a new plant is like being gifted a new puppy. I’m not kidding. Which makes this Calathea Pinstripe the perfect gift for someone with a green thumb. 

This plant is rare enough that your giftee is unlikely to have this variety in their collection, but hearty enough that all it needs is a window with bright sunlight and some water 1-2 times per week. And the best part?! It is pet-friendly, so no need to worry about Socks the Curious Cat nibbling at it every once in a while. 

Bonus? This potted plant will add color and texture to any space.


For the Well-Traveled Pet Owner


The Travel Collection

Who Picked It: Rex, our Creative Director

Speaking of pet-friendly, why not take that a step further for the dog-lover in your life who brings Fido on every one of their adventures?

The travel collection from Harry Barker (I mean, seriously, could there be a classier name for a pet company? I don’t think so…) is designed with ease of transport in mind. Whether you opt for the travel food storage bag or the collapsible food and water bowls (or both),  you’re sure to knock gifting out of the dog park with this choice!


For the Friend with Wanderlust



The Bucket List Coffee Table Book

Who Picked It: Elise, our Junior Interior Designer

And while we are on the topic of travel…

This is a great gift for someone who dreams of being adventurous in 2021 (don't we all??). Or for someone who has “seen everything” and needs inspiration to take them off the beaten path.

Equal parts travel guide for sightseeing and decorative accent for the home coffee table, this book is filled with stunning photography, vibrant descriptions of must-experience excursions, and more goodies. Grab a copy for all of your travel-loving friends and family. They’ll LURVE it!!!


For the Journaling-Inclined Techie



The reMarkable 2 Paper Tablet

Who Picked It: Yours Truly

Maybe the person on your list isn’t much of a reader or an adventurer, but they are big into journaling and/or technology. Boom...we’ve got the perfect gift for them too.

This feather-light tablet with a display that literally looks and feels like paper is ah-mazing! In fact, I have one and use it daily for my gratitude journaling, appointment setting, and taking notes. 

With its high-tech capability to turn your hand-written notes into text that can be stored and shared across devices (and the fact that the paper “screen” is easier on the eyes than all of those blue light devices), any techie would love this gift as well. I know I did!


For the At-Home Practicing Yogi


The Reversible 3mm Mat

Who Picked It: Elise, our Junior Interior Designer

We all know that yoga mats are super special to yogis; however, some mats are just a bit too much for the regular at-home practitioner to indulge in themselves. As a gift, this mat is a great way to show your support and appreciation for any yogi you know. 

These non-slip mats are Team DPI’s favorite because, well, even with sweaty hands, they provide an easy grip. Plus, they look good...meaning you don’t have to tuck them away after every use. How’s that for hooking a yogi up?!


For the Geeky Nostalgic 80’s Baby



The 80s T-shirt Collection

Who Picked It: Yours Truly

Okay, okay...fine, I’ll admit, this one is for me. So hey, if you need a gift idea for your favorite designer, I’ve just made your life real easy. ;) 

But in all seriousness, the entire website is fantastic. You might find the PERFECT gift for someone you didn’t even know you were shopping for.  From iconic movie quotes to video game references...cartoon depictions, music lyrics, brands from the times, and more...there is sure to be something that catches your eye on this quirky, yet brilliant, off-the-beaten-path site. 

Happy browsing! P.s. I wear a medium. 


Whew! We made it. The end of another phenomenal gift guide that is sure to please even the pickiest recipient on your list. But before you start wrapping this year (or let’s be honest, filling those gift bags...way easier!), we’d love to hear from you…

Did you find something you can’t wait to share with a friend, family member, coworker, or yourself? Fill us in below. We can’t wait to hear what you nabbed and how excited you are to share the joy this season. 

Happy Holidays from Darla & the DPI gang!

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