You haven’t heard?! I know it’s hard to notice when it’s sunny and 82° (sorry, not sorry), but the holidays are here, my friends.

Which is why I rallied the troops (a.k.a. Team DPI) to pick out some of our favorite gifts for the special people in our lives. Some of these are related to home and interior designs. Others might have you chasing your passions in the wild outdoors. But ALL of them uphold the DPI law...

Having a helluva good time! You with me?? Then let’s go shopping.

*All photos credited to their source link.

Gifts for the Techie

You all know I’m a tech nut. If I could design entertainment centers in our clients’ homes all week, I would. I also LURVE Netflixing on the weekends. Put those together and you may never see me again. (But you should definitely come check on me after a week.)

If you have a self-proclaimed tech nerd on your list, here are a couple winners...

WeMo Smart Light Switch

darla powell interiors miami gift guide techie wemo smart light switch

Confession: I own about 10 of these, and they are COOL. They also work great with Alexa. I will be assimilated.

Udemy Online Courses

darla powell interiors miami gift guide techie udemy course

From coding to cooking, business to photography, fitness to finance, you can learn virtually anything with Udemy. So become a member and go get lost down a rabbit hole! Speaking of rabbits...

Rebbit Wine Opener

darla powell interiors miami gift guide rebbit wine opener kitchen essential

Okay, Rebbit, not rabbit. I absolutely love this wine opener, and of all the items on this list, it’s is hands down one of my personal favorites. If your techie likes the kitchen and drinks wine, look no further, my young Padawan.

All-Clad Immersion Blender

darla powell interiors miami gift guide immersion blender home chef kitchen essential

Another fun bit of technology for the kitchen! This immersion blender is perfect for dressings, soups, salsas, maybe even a daiquiri if the occasion strikes...

Gifts for the Bookworm

I love snuggling up with a good book, but reality looks a bit more like our crew racing around to project sites, showrooms, and pit stops for Little Debbie Cakes. Which is why the first gift pick for our fellow readers is… 

Audible Books & Membership

darla powell interiors miami gift guide audible book lover

Audible is a great app to have around for long drives, on a run if that’s your thing, or even as you wine down and cook in the evenings. Did I say wine? I meant wind...

Gifts from Assouline

darla powell interiors miami gift guide book lover assouline coffee table colorful

GORGE eye candy meets books at Assouline, but they also sell candles, stationary, and other home library essentials. You can’t go wrong with anything from here, but we think their coffee table books make the BEST gifts!

Gifts for the Foodie

Let’s be real, if you have a stomach, you’re probably a foodie, amirite? We sure are. This category is from all of us — me, Natalie, Johanna — and you have our full encouragement to go live it up at our local Miami food scene!

Food, Wine & Fete in Miami

darla powell interiors miami gift guide food wine fete

The title of this event says it all, dontcha think?

The Doral Food & Wine Festival

darla powell interiors miami gift guide food wine festival foodie

This event looks incredible, and I’m not just saying that because I’m hungry right now. With an all-star cast of chefs, live music and events, and flowing libations, anyone would be lucky to be gifted tickets. (Hint, hint…)

The Authentic Italian Table Food & Wine Festival

darla powell interiors miami gift guide foodie authentic italian table

If you know someone who loves Italian food (or has been dreaming of their next vacation to Amalfi), this event could be just what their appetite needs. 

Seed Food and Wine Week in Miami

darla powell interiors miami gift guide foodie vegan event seed food wine

Not to be left out, we found the perfect event for your favorite vegan! Culinary experts come together for a week of animal-friendly creations that we would certainly call table art!

Gifts for the Home Chef

Not to be left out is the home chef in your life. Whether this person already deserves 5 stars for their cuisine or they bring new meaning to the phrase “knock ‘em dead” (you have my sympathy) here are some gifts they’re sure to enjoy.

Rösle Garlic Press

darla powell interiors miami gift guide home chef kitchen garlic press

If you live with your home chef, this hands-free method of crushing garlic also might be a gift for you. You know what I mean...

OXO Simple Handheld Slicer 

darla powell interiors miami gift guide kitchen chef home slicer handheld

One of my favorite things ever! Who doesn’t love to slice perfectly thin food? Not to mention this snazzy safety feature that saves lives. Safety first, peeps!

The World’s Best Micro-Zester & Parmesan Grater

darla powell interiors miami gift guide kitchen zester parmesan grater

From zesting lemons to grating first-rate Parmigiano-Reggiano, this little tool will bring excitement to kitchen and flavor to your food. Seriously, I have one of these and it is freaking fabulous, not the kind of tool that gets lost in a drawer for decades.

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

darla powell interiors miami gift guide home chef kitchen blendtec blender

An out of this world blender… need I say more?

Gifts for the World Traveler

I promised you this was a Gift Guide for a good time, didn’t I? And that means travel! Near or far, here are some gifts you and your favorite travel-enthusiasts will love.

Airbnb Adventures

darla powell interiors miami gift guide traveler airbnb adventures

You can choose your own adventure with Airbnb’s curated list of experiences and events. Just search your destination, your hobbies, and off you go!

ICA Miami Exhibition: Yayoi Kusama

darla powell interiors miami gift guide exhibition yayoi kusama pumpkins

Drama and contrast. This exhibit by Yayoi Kusama is mesmerizing, inspiring, and you’ll probably be thinking about it long after you leave. It’s also local! Gift a ticket to a friend or go together.

Adjustable Travel/Camping Pillow

darla powell interiors miami gift guide travel pillow memory foam

Hypoallergenic. Easily packable. Super comfy thanks to memory foam. Who doesn’t want to be cozy while traveling? 

Pure-Castile Liquid Soaps, Sampler Set

darla powell interiors miami gift guide soap sampler set airplane perfect

Raise your hand if you’ve had to abandon your favorite soap, shampoo, or perfume at TSA because you just barely went over the size restriction. Yup, us too. Which is why we love this 8-piece 2oz. soap set. They are planet-friendly, made with organic oils, and are ultra concentrated to last a long time!

Undercover Travel Pouch

darla powell interiors miami gift guide traveler bra clip safety pouch

Have a travel companion who’s worried about safety? This sexy little number holds credit cards, keys, and even your passport. Clip it right onto your brassiere and it’ll lie flat and hidden. Never thought I would utter those words on this blog, but hey, that’s what I do for you.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel

darla powell interiors miami gift guide traveler base camp duffel north face

Spacious, durable, and full of functional pockets. What every traveler wants from their carry-on!

Gifts for the Skipper

If you’re in Miami, there’s a chance you know someone who likes sailing, cruising in their yacht, power boating, or heck, the ocean in general… and we wouldn’t dare leave them out. 

Progressive Miami International Boat Show

darla powell interiors miami gift guide sailors boat show

This event drew 100K people last year and will have the boating enthusiast in your life totally geeking out. If you’re dragging your feet about tagging along, rest assured, there’s plenty of food and wine. ;)

Sailor Art on Etsy

darla powell interiors miami gift guide sailor art skipper

Surprise your favorite sportsman with this handsome gentleman we found on Etsy. He has a certain charming yet rugged appeal...

Yeti Cooler

darla powell interiors miami gift guide traveler yeti cooler

When we stumbled across this Yeti cooler, we knew it was destined for great things, whether on a boat or not. Then we read that it holds 8 cans of beer and 10 pounds of ice. Sold and sold.

Funny Boating Mug

funny boating mug sorry for what i said while docking

A funny mug never goes amiss, especially when there’s an inside joke behind it. #Beenthere?

Whew! We really pulled out all the stops on this one, amirite?! I leave this right here for you, but before you start gift-wrapping anything, I’d love to hear…

Did you find something you can’t wait to nab for a friend, spouse, or even an frenemy? Or yourself? (No judging!) Tell us below!

‘Til next time,
Darla & the gang