I love doctors. I became an extreme fangirl back in the day when my doctor found multiple blood clots in my lungs and pretty much saved my life. Also, I just love the way they make my knee tickle when they hit it with that little hammer. Squeeeeee!!!! So, imagine my glee when a young, professional RN came to me desperately seeking a space to study for her medical boards to become.....wait for it......a doctor!!! Surprise! 


Glam Office Before Interior Design | Darla Powell Interiors

My super hip and young future doctor had just purchased a new house. It was completely empty sans a couple of air mattresses, some boxes and puppy toys. And we had a deadline. No biggie. It was just her future career as a doctor on the line. No pressure. (OK. I am being dramatic. She studied at the library in the interim. But isn't the drama so much more fun?)

After interviewing my client, I quickly discovered she had a serious penchant for an edgy, industrial look. I am all about that, sure, BUT in small doses. The industrial look has been super trendy in recent years and can easily be overdone. After some convincing, she decided to trust me on this. Yay!


RH Flatiron Desk for an Office Interior Design | Darla Powell InteriorsFor the desk, arguably the most important element in an office, we chose this beauty by Restoration Hardware, the Flatiron Desk. 

Wayfair Industrial Shelf for an Office Interior Design | Darla Powell Interiors

This industrial shelving from Wayfair would fit the bill for some cool wall storage and styling. Oh and books. Yes, books.


My next challenge was to get my client to do a virtual paint color trust fall. I already had this room locked in my head and I needed to get her to see my vision. So, I proposed black for the wall color. That's right. You heard me. BLACK. Benjamin Moore Universal Black to be exact.

Benjamin Moore Universal Black

Benjamin Moore Universal Black

She looked at me with a raised eyebrow and I met her silence with my own. The suspense filled the air like a bathroom with a bad exhaust fan after a gassy houseguest.  Then it happened. "OK," she said. 


Now that industrial and edgy was all lined up, it was time to insert some traditional. BAM! Enter the wainscoting...

Wainscoting for an Office Interior Design | Darla Powell Interiors

This plain white box of an office needed some architectural interest and BOY did this fit the bill! No cheating and scrolling ahead to see how fabulous it turned out. 


Back to edgy. What a contrast this Sputnik chandelier will make with that wainscoting!

Sputnik Chandelier for an Office Interior Design | Darla Powell InteriorsTHE GLAM 

Glam Area Rug for an Office Interior Design | Darla Powell InteriorsThe perfect area rug by Jaipur....

Drapery for an Office Interior Design | Darla Powell Interiors

And the drapery. A nice, feminine touch to help offset all the masculine vibes flowing in this damn sexy office. 

And ....drumroll please!!!


Completed Office Interior Design for an RN | Darla Powell Interiors

Voila! A perfectly glam, industrial, traditional, dramatic sexy office for a young professional. Boom. You can see even more images from the photoshoot here.

So what do you think? Much better than a plain old white boring box of a room? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. And as always, you can count on us for your next interior design project!

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