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Televisions. We can't live without them. Since its invention in 1926, we have slowly and steadily become addicted to their incessant noise making and distracting fodder. Some people even need the TV on to sleep! But, truth be told, they ain't pretty to look at. No matter how fancy your set is, it's still going to be a huge gaping hole of nothingness in your space. Or is it....??

Introducing the Samsung Frame!

Samsung Frame

Do you see it? On the gallery wall above the Samsung Frame is actually that beautiful seashore picture! Gallery art by day and The Walking Dead at Night (or whatevs)!

"Introducing The Frame from Samsung - a revolutionary way to think about your TV. When you're not watching the brilliant 4K UHD TV with HDR, it turns into a beautiful work of art on your wall. With an array of paintings, prints, photos, and frames to suit every mood and style, The Frame TV goes beyond entertainment and becomes an expression of you."

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Installation is easy peasy. Just install it like any flat screen TV. Then, when you're done watching those 3 am infomercials, just switch the TV over to "Art Mode" and Voila! your joint is instantly classed up with any of Samsung's collection of 100 artworks or upload your very own images....in a freaking frame! The set comes in 55 and 65-inch versions. (I am waiting for an 80-inch version because I am a nerd).

Samsung Frame Review

So, should you hide that black, empty rectangle? Not if it doesn't bother you. BUT, if you're offended by the sight of a huge monolithic, pixelated, glass and plastic box in the middle of your carefully appointed decor then ... maybe? Either way, now you have a choice. What do you think? Are you game? Comment below!

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