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I can see you right now. What the heck do you mean, save money by hiring an interior designer? I didn’t just fall off the chinoiserie truck! Designers are expensive. You’re just trying to take all my monies! Sure. That’s one way of looking at it. The wrong way. In fact, when you hire an interior designer worth his or her salt, you will save time, money AND have a fabulous space to boot. How? Please follow along…


 Interior designers have professional relationships with vendors. That means they can acquire most of that stunning furniture and decor that you are drooling over at a significant discount from retail pricing. Once the designer’s costs are covered, the savings get extended to the client. The more pieces you need to procure, the more that savings adds up. It’s as simple as that and it’s awesome.

 Interior designers recycle. If you don’t have the budget to replace EVERYTHING and want to save some existing pieces to fill in some of the budget gaps, who better than a professional designer to coordinate and integrate your existing pieces? MIXING MODERN AND VINTAGE HOME DECOR

Interior designers can save you from making disastrous and costly mistakes.
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I am sure that toilet wasn’t cheap. I can tell you that I wouldn’t have chosen that for a client. Who knows how much that kind of mistake would cost?’s hilarious (and gross!) so there’s that. 

Interior designers save clients the heartache and unnecessary expense of a badly designed space. The design world is rife with stories of well-meaning people who decided to "save" money and forgo professional design advice but ended up with a costly disaster instead. A designer friend of mine had a potential client who decided not to hire her to "save" money. He then proceeded to manage his own bathroom project. Solo. With no experience. The result? Disastrous.  

He "saved" money by hiring low-bid, sub-par (probably unlicensed) contractors who made just about every mistake possible. To add insult to injury, the esthetics of the space were tragic. Horrible finishes, mismatched colors, crooked tiling, improper to no lighting, 3/8 inch grout lines, unlevel surfaces, uneven baseboards...the works! Not to mention, he had just listed his home. What? This Bizarro World bathroom seriously affected the resale value. Ain't nobody got time to deal with that mess and they certainly don't want to pay top dollar for it.

So, guess what he did? C'mon, guess. Yes! He hired my friend. And then he spent several thousand dollars to demolish and redo his entire bathroom.

It's better to let loose the purse strings and spend the money smartly than to be in this situation. BUY THE BEST AND ONLY CRY ONCE

Remember, hiring an interior designer positively affects your home’s value. Having a smart and professionally designed, beautiful space will only attract more buyers and the highest bidder when you finally do decide to put your property on the market. Winning.

Interior Designers only have the best working for them. When I was vetting my trades I kissed quite a few frogs. The good news is (after the warts cleared) I was left with only princes and princesses. As a result, my clients don’t have to pucker up to a single amphibian. Designers also have a tremendous network of contractors and tradespeople already in place and rarin’ to go. They have systems in place and the experience needed to tackle a project efficiently and in a timely manner. And time is what? Say it with me…MONEY!

So, the moral of this story is, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. No, wait. That's not it.  Oh yeah! The moral is, interior designers aren't only for those born in the silver spoon wing of the hospital. Hiring an interior designer is a smart investment that will give you many returns, emotionally and financially. 

If you have been putting off hiring an interior designer in order to "save" money, I hope that I have allayed your fears and given you some perspective. 

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