Wonderful to work with, very professional team and very accommodating to the client!

Jeanne Hall


Hiring an Interior Designer to help is an expense many people aren't exactly prepared for.  It seems like you can figure things out on your own, but do yourself a favor and please hire Darla.  I exhausted my resources (houzz, blogs, google) before hiring her and I should have done it months ago.  Not only are she and her team a total delight to work with, she delivered.  I haven't felt this peace of mind since the entire project started.  I was driving myself crazy.  She puts herself in your shoes and really thinks of every possibility.  I am very satisfied with her work.

WaiLing Chan


Terrific work from beginning to end -- can work any angle from minimal help to complete project handling --- professional without a doubt!  Love!

Monique Woods


When we decided to remodel the kitchen and floor of our home, a main consideration was whether to work with an interior designer or not. The main reason was the budget. We had worked with an interior designer in the past and were familiar with the process. The key for us was to find someone that would understand the vision and concept of our plans and have the ability to integrate these plans with their professional expertise and resources.

After researching and interviewing various interior designers and we finally found Darla Powell of Darla Powell Interiors. We liked Darla because she listened carefully and understood what we were trying to accomplish while being and personable and genuine. She was sensitive to our needs and was able to translate our ideas and budget into a realistic plan. The saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” describes what a person begins to realize when encountering the extent and complexity of an interior decorating project performed correctly. Murphy’s Law figures greatly in these situations also. We realized that having a person we could trust and depend on was key to the overall success. After lengthy discussions with Darla regarding everything involved in the project, we realized that Darla Powell Interiors was the one for us.

Darla has excellent taste and resources. She knows where to find the right products and materials. She led us in new and different directions that provided beautiful solutions. The skilled workers and subcontractors she works with are first rate and artists at their craft. They are a pleasure to work with. Darla takes great care to select only the best. She has great rapport with them and they are very responsive to her. When issues and questions come up, as they always will in a job like this, Darla is very accessible and addresses them quickly and effectively. She becomes your ally, always checking with you to make sure you are happy and satisfied with the progress and the product as well as staying within budget. Anyone that has embarked on similar projects with contractors can attest to the need for a qualified professional when things don’t go as expected or proposed. As a business, Darla Powell Interiors is well organized and runs very efficiently. Her website provides a dashboard where you can easily review and pay open invoices and keep track of the expenses among other things.

Overall we are extremely pleased with the service and expertise provided by Darla Powell Interiors. We would recommend Darla Powell without the slightest hesitation. The kitchen was totally transformed into a beautiful space, taking on the look of something 2-3 times the actual cost. The craftsmanship along with Darla’s choice of design, materials and color schemes are outstanding. The floor design and layout was also transformational giving the home a completely new and refreshing look. The porcelain wood like tile Darla helped pick required an excellent installer and she had just the right one. Everyone that has seen the floor has commented on the beauty of the shape and color, in addition to asking if it is real wood. Darla is a truly gifted interior designer who has helped us realize our aspirations and has exceeded all of our expectations while at the same time helping us stay on budget. We truly could not have accomplished this without Darla’s help. So in retrospect, we view the hiring of an interior designer such as DPI, an investment rather than an additional cost.

Rene Rubio


"Darla has an amazing gift to transform your home from ordinary to outstanding! From design to execution she makes it fun and even exhilarating. She works to create a plan of action with different options and varying budgets. I highly recommend Darla for your interior design project."

Susan Blocher
Relationship: Client
Project Date: April 2017
Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999


"I loved working with Darla and her team and would highly recommend anyone looking for an interior designer who brings creativity but designs something that fits YOU and your style. I had a budget and I had my own ideas and opinions about what I wanted. Many designers blow the budget and force you into styles that don't fit your personality. Not Darla, she knew where to push and where to evolve her own creativity to fit my style and taste. She stayed within budget. I LOVE my bedroom. 

I highly recommend Darla."

Denise Rera


"Darla was extremely knowledgeable and professional. Made me feel super comfortable even though it was my first experience working with a designer. Highly recommend."

Carlos Silva


"Darla is just as polished and professional as her vibrant portfolio suggests–with a great sense of style, a keen eye for detail, and first-rate customer service."

Dee Ann


"Darla did a fantastic job on our master bedroom. She listened carefully to our ideas and brought them to fruition. She was very affordable and worked very hard to finish the project in time, in fact she was a day early. I am sure she will be hearing from the people I have given her information to, if she hasn't already."

Denise Bernhard
Relationship: Client
Project Date: April 2017
Project Price: $1,000 - $9,999


"Darla provides expert advice from consultations and staging up to full renovations. Do not hesitate to make an appointment. You will not be disappointed"

Amy Mitchell


"Darla's work speaks for itself. It's gorgeous. Her talent shines through."

Wendy Woloshchuk


"Darla is a true professional, and amazing designer"

Sarah Bush O'Dell


"Darla is the consummate professional, I highly recommend her for any of your interior design needs!"

Monte Wills


"Great experience working with Darla Powell Interiors. Super professional, knowledgeable, and work was done quickly. Highly recommend!!!"

Lourdes Irizar


"Can't say enough about Darla. From start to finish, her and her team are complete professionals who get even the smallest details correct.

Darla has a great sense of what designs are both in style, but will stand the test of time (so you aren't left with a home 10 years down the road with a bathroom which was contemporary 10 years ago, but is now out of style and is going to be a hastle to sell). Her use/knowledge of lighting and traditional materials makes a space feel so open and vibrant. Our bathroom could never had turned out the way it did without her team and inspiration.

We can't thank her enough."

Alex The pizza guy


"Darla is the consummate professional. She is passionate and committed to each of her clients and projects. She is an incredible resource and colleague.

Darla and I work together on a very popular blog named Tastefully Inspired where we use our expertise to guide others on their quest to more beautiful spaces."

Karina Jones Designs


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